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Yoga Studios, Fitness Studios, Dance Studios, Boutique Gyms, Spin Studios, Pilates Studios

Sell class packs & memberships, Manage & publish class schedules online, Keep track of your customers. Powerful class scheduling software designed to help you grow your boutique studio business.

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Class Scheduling & Member Management Software For Boutique Studios

StudioGrowth is the right studio management software for boutique studios offering group classes. Choose your studio to learn more

Is StudioGrowth For You?

StudioGrowth handles the complex tasks of running your boutique studio business. It's like having a full-time employee to assist you.

Maybe you are finally pursuing your dream and starting your OWN boutique studio. You have never used a studio management software before and don't know where to begin!

Or perhaps, you already run a thriving boutique studio but are tired of using complicated member management software that adds to your daily stresses.

We have been there, and so built StudioGrowth to be the "plug-and-play" solution for boutique studios and group class instructors. It is simple to use without hundreds of unnecessary features, but powerful enough to be your secret weapon against competitors.

The Right Class Scheduling Software For Boutique Studios Offering Group Training

StudioGrowth is an easy-to-use and powerful boutique studio software. If you offer group classes of any sort (yoga, fitness, pole, spin, etc) then StudioGrowth is for you! StudioGrowth helps you create and share beautiful class schedules, sell passes and memberships, collect payments online and manage your boutique studio members – all from one place.

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Create Beautiful On-Brand Class Schedules

Easily create and manage your studio class schedule with different class types – one-time, recurring, series, private sessions, events.

Create gorgeous class schedules with our simple class schedule builder. Modify the layout, colors, logo and stand out with fully brandable public class schedules. Your brand is what differentiates you from the competition, and StudioGrowth helps you stay on brand.


Sell Class-Packs & Memberships On Branded Purchase Pages

StudioGrowth helps you go from 0 to a studio filled with members, today. Add as many fully customizable class-packs and memberships as you need including special passes and workshops.

StudioGrowth allows you to accept online payments offering your members multiple payment options. Use our page builder to create beautiful high converting purchase pages with lead capture!

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Take Attendance

Take attendance in a single click and allow members to self-check-in for classes.


Automate New Member Acquisition & Retention

StudioGrowth provides tried and tested features to acquire new members and retain existing clients on autopilot! With features such as customer referrals, loyalty rewards and pre-built automated emails, engage new and existing members. Lead capture and email automation with battle-tested email templates.

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Take Action On Insightful Reports

Clear, actionable reports giving you a daily view of the health of your boutique studio, the best classes, and customers. From revenue reports to individual member activity, StudioGrowth gives you all the reports and metrics you need to take strategic decisions.


Pre-Built Email Templates & Autoresponder

Rest easy knowing that your members get automated notifications. Pre-built and tested email templates for everything from lead engagement to collecting reviews. Simply get started and watch results roll in.

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Teach Classes Online With Zoom

Want to offer online classes? We integrate with Zoom allowing you to offer and manage virtual classes with StudioGrowth. From attendance tracking to sending your students the online class link, StudioGrowth does it all automatically.

MORE Features

So Intuitive, So Easy

We are not some “any other boutique studio software”. StudioGrowth has been built to help you not just manage your boutique studio, but to grow and scale your boutique business. StudioGrowth is the unified boutique studio software you need for unmatched efficiency. With StudioGrowth, you can go from an idea to having a fully operational group training studio within days.

Manage Staff & Instructors

Instructors working for your studio can provide their availability. Manage their pay rates and even pay your instructors all managed with StudioGrowth.

Member Login & Profiles

Each member has a profile area where they can manage their passes/memberships and schedule classes.


Generate unlimited discount codes and gift cards.

Upsells & Order Bumps

Rent out gear or sell merchandise right at the checkout with 1-click order bumps.

Waitlists & Cancellations

Allow your members to join a waitlist, enforce class cancellation policy and provide a swap board.

Review Management

Battle-hardened review management module to collect and manage reviews from members.

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Who Should Use StudioGrowth?

StudioGrowth has been built from the ground up for boutique studios running group classes. If you run group classes (yoga, fitness, pole, aerial, spin, improv, etc) then StudioGrowth is for you, whether you have a small studio or a chain with multiple locations.

If you run group classes then StudioGrowth is the right class and member management software for you. StudioGrowth has been designed to be the plug-and-play option for boutique studio entrepreneurs. Set-up StudioGrowth for your boutique studio and start operating and growing your business today.

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Class Scheduling SOFTWARE

How Does StudioGrowth Help?

StudioGrowth will be your secret weapon as you operate and grow your studio business. Whether you have a small studio or a boutique studio brand with multiple locations, the tools we offer will accelerate the growth of your empire.

Free Up Time

Once set-up, the operations of your boutique studio can be run on autopilot while you focus on your members. From automated selling of classes to reminders and notifications for your members, StudioGrowth does it all.

Get Organized

Feeling overwhelmed tracking discount codes, 10 different class-packs, and memberships? StudioGrowth is the unified system that manages purchases, customers, and classes all in one place.

Accelerate Growth

From providing insightful reports that shape your growth strategy to tools for accelerating the growth of your boutique studio – all in one place.

Keep Customers Happy

Easily collect and act on reviews from members. Each member has an individual portal to manage their account.

Run Marketing On Autopilot

Collect leads directly on the purchase pages. Engage the leads with autoresponder set-up with battle-tested email templates that convert.

Have Customers Coming Back

Engage members who have not visited your group training studio for a period of time. Members get reminders to purchase classes when their current membership is expiring.


All Features, All Updates Included. Single Price. No hidden fees!

We have a single plan which you can choose to pay monthly or yearly. Cancel anytime. On the yearly plan get 2 months free.


Billed Monthly

$ 69

Unlimited Customers
Unlimited Trainers/Teachers

Unlimited Classes
Fully Managed Data Transfer
Concierge Onboarding


Billed Yearly

$ 699

Unlimited Customers
Unlimited Trainers/Teachers

Unlimited Classes
Fully Managed Data Transfer
Concierge Onboarding

2 Months Free

Class scheduling software FAQ

Not convinced yet? We offer a FREE 14-day trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have any other questions, email us directly!

StudioGrowth was started after our founder, Naz Ahm, got frustrated using bulky and expensive booking and member management software he was using for his wellness business in London, U.K. He set out to build a simple and powerful class and member management software for group classes.

Hence StudioGrowth was born to help entrepreneurs offering group classes of any kind. We are based in London and have team members across the globe.
The boutique studio industry is booming, and there are tens of hundreds of boutique studios in any big city. Long gone are the days of the big box chain gyms. Consumers are moving away from fixed memberships to hopping around fitness and yoga studios.

To be successful, a boutique studio in this consumer environment needs to focus on branding and eliciting customer loyalty. StudioGrowth helps studio entrepreneurs with this challenge. We provide you with customizable themes for your public pages.

With StudioGrowth, you give a branded modern mobile experience to your customers. Additionally, you have the powerful tools to manage and grow your boutique studio into a thriving business.
You have been doing your research! The difference is implied in our name, the "Growth" in StudioGrowth was deliberately chosen because we built StudioGrowth to help boutique studio entrepreneurs grow their studio and businesses.

We provide powerful tools and features to help you acquire new members and retain existing members on autopilot. Oh and all this along with the usual class and member management features offered at a fair price.

In our past lives, we sold millions in marketing and growth software to Fortune 100 companies. We have taken the most powerful features and packed them into StudioGrowth and made it available to small and mid-size boutique studios.
You are on this page because you perhaps are not happy with your current provider. Most of the software in this space was built decades ago. The user experience and technology used is dated and stale.

Whether it is difficult to navigate your current software or you are facing speed and mobile issues, StudioGrowth can help you. We follow the latest design principles and use modern, scalable technology. This means, using StudioGrowth as your studio software feels just like using an intuitive and simple consumer application.
We offer a free 14-day trial and our lowest pricing tier is affordable yet gives you all the features and functions you need to be successful. StudioGrowth is almost as good as a full-time staff member.

If you cannot invest $30-$40 a month in a full-time staff member, then I would not know how to help you. If you have a genuine reason why you cannot afford our base pricing, do write to me.
Yes, StudioGrowth is simple to use. We spent significant amounts of time testing and making sure anyone with basic computer literacy can use StudioGrowth.
I’m glad you asked! Think of the public class schedule and purchase pages that you build in StudioGrowth as landing pages for your yoga studio. You can direct your members to these pages by sharing the links on social media.

So yes, if you do not have a website, then use the branded class schedules and purchase pages as your online presence. If you do have a website, then the class schedules and purchase pages will simply become a part of your existing website.
Yes, StudioGrowth is a SaaS (software as a service) platform. This means that all your data is stored securely in the cloud and can be accessed anywhere, anytime.
Well, sign up for the free 14-day trial and take StudioGrowth for a spin. Then when you are ready to buy just enter your billing information. If you do not wish to proceed, do nothing and after 14 days all your data will be deleted.

Start Your Free 14-Day Trial. No Credit Card Required.