5 Best Yoga Studio Software | 2024 Expert’s Choice

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5 Best Yoga Studio Software | 2024 Expert’s Choice

A yoga studio software is a critical business platform that manages all aspects of operating a yoga studio and provides an all-in-one platform for payments, member management, scheduling, and marketing. 

Whether you are a seasoned yoga studio software user or have never used yoga studio management software, this guide will be a good starting point for your research. Additionally, if you are looking for yoga studio software reviews, this guide is designed for easy comparison. 

5 best yoga studio software 2024:

  1. StudioGrowth
  2. Mariana Tek
  3. Mindbody
  4. Wellness Living
  5. Momoyoga

My team and I spend our days working with yoga studio owners and have a deep understanding of the challenges faced by studio owners. We also receive first-hand feedback about the yoga studio software they use. This guide will help you shortlist 2-3 providers that fit your business well. 

5 Best Yoga Studio Software [UPDATED MARCH 2024]

1. StudioGrowth


StudioGrowth is the top choice for yoga studio software, given the extensive features, exceptional support, and price compared to other companies. 

The platform started by providing software exclusively to yoga studios. Over the years, they have continuously added new and innovative features and the platform is currently at par with the industry standard platforms. 

The most significant advantage of working StudioGrowth is the support and personal attention offered. You will receive replies within minutes, and your feedback informs feature development. You also get to work directly with the founders. 

StudioGrowth is an entirely bootstrapped company that has not taken on or plans to take on venture funding. Due to this, the team is selective about the studios they work with and focuses on the customers’ needs. 

They guarantee no price increase and can deliver on the promise because of owning 100% of their business. The founding team brings extensive experience and expertise in working with yoga studios. They have grown exponentially over the last year and should be on your list to see a demo.

You can review their features here.


The pricing structure is simple and designed to support yoga studio owners. There are no hidden fees or transaction/processing fees. 

  • Fixed price guarantee, no price increases to current customers
  • No hidden fees
  • USD 139/month on the annual plan and USD 159/month on the monthly plan
  • All-inclusive access to all features
  • Unlimited usage, unlimited customers, and unlimited staff accounts

Why is it in the top 15

  • The platform is highly configurable. Since it’s focused on yoga studios, it has all the features you will need for your yoga studio.
  • The branding capabilities are by far the best in the industry. You will be hard-pressed to find another platform with such strong branding capabilities making the platform seem like your own brand.
  • Second-to-none support team. The team offers lightning-fast support to customers. The question remains, will they maintain the same support rhythm as the company grows? 
  • Quickly catching up to industry incumbents and StudioGrowth has seen customers migrate to it from most of the incumbent software providers. 


  • Exceptional support and customer onboarding ensure you will be successful once you start using their platform.
  • A modern, simple, and easy-to-use interface
  • Having only the essential features makes the platform lightweight and intuitive.
  • Built specifically for yoga studios


  • The small team and young company may not be suitable for everyone.


  • Yoga studios of all sizes. The pricing makes it especially attractive for larger studios with many customers and instructors.
  • Multi-disciplinary yoga studios. The platform has features for appointments, retreats, etc., and is well-suited for offering pilates and Barre specific classes.
  • Start-up and growing yoga studios


  • Yoga studios with 10+ year history on another platform

2. Mariana Tek

Mariana Tek Logo

Mariana Tek stands as a cutting-edge force in the realm of yoga studio software, providing a platform specifically engineered for yoga studios’ unique needs. The software is rooted in Mariana Tek’s deep understanding of the industry, seamlessly combining robust functionality with an enjoyable user and client experience. 

Mariana Tek’s software is known for its intuitive interface, designed with both studio management and clients in mind. This translates into a simplified, streamlined process for scheduling and booking, leading to a more engaging experience for students and, in turn, encouraging consistent attendance. 

One of the standout attributes of Mariana Tek is their unwavering commitment to customer support. They have a dedicated team that works tirelessly around the clock to ensure swift issue resolution. This level of dedication ensures minimal disruption to your business operations, allowing you to focus on what you do best – providing exceptional yoga experiences. 

A unique strength of Mariana Tek lies in its integrated marketing automation features, giving studios an extra edge in a highly competitive market. The ability to create and manage targeted marketing campaigns directly through the platform can lead to increased client engagement and growth. 

Moreover, the platform stands out with its offer of a custom-branded app unique to your studio. This aspect alone sets Mariana Tek apart, as it allows your brand to shine while also providing an additional touchpoint for client interaction and engagement. 


Mariana Tek is aware of the varied needs of different yoga studios, hence they offer an array of pricing tiers to accommodate a wide spectrum of budgets. While specific pricing information is best obtained through consultation, I can provide an indicative range based on feedback from customers.

  • There are different pricing tiers based on the features you use and the number of locations.
  • The pricing range starts from $300/month (indicative)

Why is it in the top 15

  • An intuitive, feature-rich platform designed with a laser focus on the needs of yoga studios.
  • Unmatched customer support provided by an industry-leading team
  • Integrated marketing automation capabilities and a custom-branded studio app that set you apart from the competition 


  • Comprehensive, intuitive platform tailored specifically for yoga studios, ensuring ease of use for staff and clients alike
  • Integrated marketing automation and custom branded app, providing a unique platform for growth and brand-building
  • Exceptional customer support that is responsive and diligent, ensuring minimal disruptions to your operations


  • While it provides comprehensive and high-value offerings, it may not be as budget-friendly as other platforms
  • Depending on the studio’s needs, some features might exceed the requirements


  • Yoga studios looking for a comprehensive, integrated solution to manage operations, marketing and client experience
  • Studios keen on strengthening their brand and enhancing client experience through a custom app


  • Individual yoga teachers or small studios with limited budgets or simpler operational needs
  • Studios that prefer traditional marketing channels or are not keen on leveraging technology for brand-building

3. Mindbody


Mindbody is the most popular and widely used yoga studio software, with tens of thousands of yoga studios globally using the platform. It was among the first providers of yoga studio software in the cloud in the early 2000s.

Most yoga studio owners learn about Mindbody in the studios they attend or through word of mouth. Many competitors tried to compete with Mindbody over the years, but none have come close to the platform’s extensibility.

However, since 2015 the business has changed hands several times, and today the common complaint I hear is that the platform is bulky, difficult to navigate, and buggy.

Of late, there has been a mass exodus of customers from Mindbody, primarily driven by the increase in pricing. In 2013 the average price for the platform was $120/month; today, it is over $400/month for similar features with minimal innovation.

Mindbody offers every feature you will need to operate your yoga studio. You cannot go wrong with Mindbody if you are comfortable using a bulky platform and paying exorbitant monthly prices.

The most significant advantage of Mindbody is the community. You get access to their extensive network of studios and their yearly events. You also get access to new customers through their network. However, other providers can tap into Mindbody’s network through integration with ClassPass.

Overall, Mindbody is a safe bet if you don’t want to explore other options on the market and have a high budget for yoga studio software. I find the software hard to use, the look and feel are not modern, but they have improved the front-end customer-facing pages.


The pricing changes often, and as of this writing, the pricing is as follows:

  • There are different pricing tiers based on the features you use and the number of locations.
  • The pricing ranges from $159/month to over $700/month, depending on the features you use
  • Mindbody also uses its own payment processing, so do explore the processing fee.

Why is it in the top 15

  • The most widely used yoga studio software platform on the market
  • Comprehensive platform with every feature you will ever need
  • The most extensive reporting capabilities in the market


  • Deep expertise and industry knowledge of the yoga studio industry
  • Trusted by some of the most popular yoga studios globally
  • Highly configurable platform, although you may need a consultant to help set up the platform the way you want it


  • Expensive for what it offers. You will find similar feature sets in other platforms at a fraction of the price of Mindbody.
  • Difficult to use and not built for the modern consumer
  • The support team is not the best. It can sometimes take weeks to get hold of someone to help you.


  • Large studios with multiple locations
  • Franchises


  • Studios that are looking to build a brand and provide a modern experience to their customers.
  • Smaller studios with under ten instructors/teachers
  • Start-up studios
  • Non-tech savvy users
  • Studios that want a modern, intuitive, and affordable platform

4. Wellness Living

Wellness Living

Wellness Living was one of the strong competitors of Mindbody when it first started. Today, although widely used, Wellness Living lags behind most other platforms regarding features, usability, and providing a modern customer experience.

Wellness Living has all the features you need to operate your yoga studio. They have a much better implementation of certain features, such as linking family members within the platform and sharing passes/memberships.

The most common complaint I hear from Wellness Living users is that they did not honor the fixed price commitment for legacy users. Additionally, users are sold features they don’t need, and it is next to impossible to get out of their contracts, no matter the reason.

Wellness Living is a widely used platform, although it has lost its edge and is among the old-school providers with a dated user interface. However, it is more affordable than Mindbody, and some studios might find it attractive based on the price.


The pricing depends on the number of features you use. Although the pricing seems affordable, you most likely won’t be able to operate your entire studio on the base plan.

  • The pricing starts at $89/month per location and can go up to $200-$300/month depending on the features you use
  • Wellness Living uses its own payment processor, so do investigate the processing fees.
  • Premium features such as on-demand video and website management are sold as add-ons

Why is it in the top 15

  • Popular yoga studio platform used by thousands of yoga studios globally.
  • Extensive feature set. You cannot go wrong with Wellness Living if your sole criteria are extensive features.
  •  Affordable pricing for studios of all sizes


  • Affordable pricing for studios of all sizes
  • Complete platform with extensive features


  • A common complaint is that studios did not get what was promised.
  • The user interface looks dated and is difficult to use
  • Hard to get out of contracts
  • Limited branding capabilities


  • Multi-location studios and franchises


  • Studios that want to build a brand. Every studio on Wellness Living has the same interface and branding.
  • Individual operators and studios with under five teachers

5. Momoyoga

Momoyoga logo

I love Momoyoga because its platform delivers what they say. They are obvious in who they serve – yoga teachers, and deliver on the promise. The platform is a delight to use.

However, if you operate a studio with several teachers and complex requirements, I would avoid Momoyoga. It is best suited for individual yoga teachers and very small yoga studios.

Momoyoga is one of the few companies that have executed very well on the user experience. The platform is straightforward to use and delights the user. However, simplicity comes at a cost – the lack of features.

Although Momoyoga was established in 2016, they seem to have decided to keep their platform lean and straightforward with fundamental features such as scheduling and payments. 

If you want software as an individual yoga teacher, I will choose Momoyoga. However, Momoyoga will most likely be the wrong choice if you operate a studio, given the lack of critical features.


The pricing depends on the number of teachers and is affordable, given other platforms charge thousands per month. 

  • Momoyoga has a free tier, but they take a 5% fee on every transaction at this level. I am firmly against the business model of dipping into your sales, so I would avoid this tier.
  • The monthly pricing starts at $25/month for individual yoga teachers.
  • For studios, the pricing starts at $30/month and $5/month for every additional teacher account.

Why is it in the top 15

  • One of the few platforms primarily focused on yoga teachers rather than yoga studios.
  • Beautifully designed and a pleasure to use
  • Multi-language capabilities 
  • Multiple payment methods, including Paypal
  • An affordable platform for yoga teachers that are just beginning their career


  • Focussed on the yoga teacher experience and needs
  • Simple and affordable pricing
  • Modern user interface and design
  • Supporting European languages


  • Minimal features and the platform almost becomes non-functional for large yoga studios


  • Individual yoga teachers. No other better platform on the market for individual teachers.
  • Studios that need a multi-language platform. If you need European language support, Momoyoga is a good choice.


  • Studios of any size. If you are a sole operator, you can get by but will miss the features other platforms offer.
  • Large studios and franchises

Yoga Studio Software Purchase Process

Different yoga studio software providers serve different parts of the market. Some specialize in start-up and individual yoga teacher businesses, while others help small and mid-sized yoga studios. A few yoga studio software providers focus on the upper end of the market, serving large yoga studios and franchises.

Before you explore yoga studio scheduling software for your yoga studio, have a realistic understanding of the current stage of your business and a clear plan for your desired growth potential. Based on your goals, you can begin to shortlist yoga studio software companies that serve your end of the market.

You will most likely begin by searching online, reading reviews, and getting recommendations from other yoga studios. As you progress through this guide, you should identify 2-3 yoga studio software companies that will fit your yoga business well.

Then you can begin scheduling free trials and demos of the shortlisted platforms. Often I see yoga studio owners hiring consultants to help them with the process. You can complete the purchase process if you are clear about your requirements.

The final step is negotiating the pricing and terms. Most providers have fixed pricing, but you’d be surprised by the discounts you receive simply by asking.

How Much Does Yoga Studio App Cost?

A typical yoga studio app and software costs between $30 and $700 per month, depending on the features you use and sometimes on the number of teachers and customers in your studio. 

Some yoga studio software companies also charge hidden or transaction fees per transaction on top of the processing fees charged by your payment processor. Such transaction fees can increase your monthly fees by up to 10%.

Identify all hidden transaction and processing fees bundled into the pricing. Avoid companies that charge a percentage per transaction at all costs. Per transaction fees are made up to increase the top-line revenue of software providers and often contribute to 30-40% of total revenue generated. 

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Ahm has decades of experience working with yoga studios. Most recently as founder of StudioGrowth Ahm has worked with hundreds of yoga studios and used many of the yoga studio software on the market.

Ahm has a degree in engineering and an MBA. This post was created after interviews with yoga studio owners and bringing in his decades of experience working with yoga studios.