Grow Your Business on Autopilot!

StudioGrowth helps you build your business with all the tools you need in a single platform – scheduling, payments, member management & marketing. That’s why hundreds of companies from yoga, fitness, spin, pilates, and dance studios trust StudioGrowth with their critical business operations.

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1. Group Classes

Create group in-person and virtual classes. Control the number of spots, enable waitlists and assign to instructors and teachers with a single click. Create one-time or recurring classes as per your needs. 

  • In-person and virtual classes
  • One-time or recurring
  • Limit the number of spots
  • Enable waitlists
  • Public or private classes

2. Appointments

On-demand appointments are based on the availability of your staff and the services offered. Seamlessly manage 1:1, privates, duets, and other appointment types. Available appointment slots take into account group classes happening at the same time. 

  • 1:1, privates, duets, and other appointment types
  • On-demand appointments based on live availability
  • Padding between appointments
  • Smart algorithms prevent double booking of staff and resources
  • Make staff available based on services offered and resources used
Retreat Location

3. Events, Workshops & Experiences

Grow your business with retreats, events, and experiences and StudioGrowth makes it possible. Unique brandable landing pages for all your retreats and challenges. Allow customers to pay upfront or with an installment plan. It’s like having a unique website just for your event.

  • Separate landing pages, payments, and schedules for each event
  • Your customers pay upfront or in installments
  • Make experiences available even to non-members

4. Payments

Seamlessly integrated with Stripe and you have full control over the payment gateway. No hidden fees! Modern and user-friendly payment options: debit/credit cards, Apple/Google pay, cash, bank transfer and pay later options. 

  • Start taking payments in a few minutes after set-up
  • 0 hidden fees and charges
  • You have 100% control over your payment gateway
  • 1-click Apple/Google pay enabled
Payments StudioGrowth
StudioGrowth Reservation system

5. Best in class Reservation System

Your students can reserve a class in a couple of clicks. Allow them to bring friends/family and pay using their own credits. No-click, QR code scan, and reserve options are available.

  • Reserve classes in a few clicks
  • QR code scan and reserve option available
  • Prevents double booking of appointments and classes

6. Sell Class Packages & Memberships

A platform built from the ground up based on using credits from class packages and memberships. Guarantee customer retention with auto-pay memberships and well-designed class packages. Choose which class package or membership can be applied to a particular class or appointment.

  • Class packages and memberships enabled
  • Full usage tracking enabled
  • Every event type covered: group classes, appointments, workshops, retreats, and special events
Sell class packages & memberships
StudioGrowth configurable

7. Highly Configurable Platform

Everything you need to configure class packages and memberships as per your unique needs. Set membership start and end dates, offer free trials, limit the number of visits per day/week/month, allow credit roll-over, and many more configuration options

  • Credit roll-over, free trials, and limit visits by time
  • Create any type of membership: weekly, monthly, yearly
  • Class packs and memberships can be applied to selected classes and appointments

8. Attendance Tracking

Instructors, teachers, and admin can easily track class attendance. A clear view of attendance and no-shows. Customers can self-check-in.

  • One-click attendance marking
  • Instructors, teachers, and admin can mark attendance
  • Customers can self-check-in
  • Enable no-show fees for those absent
StudioGrowth Attendance

9. Waiver Management

Modern waiver management without the need to download documents and manage e-signatures. Show waivers and obtain consent as and when needed. Waiver acceptance data is stored in cold storage.

  • Modern user-friendly waiver management 
  • Never worry about checking who has signed a waiver. We automate the entire process
  • Control who sees a waiver and at what point in their customer journey

10. Staff Management

Workflows specifically designed for your instructors and teachers. Fully automate your business by giving your staff the tools to manage their classes: class roster, attendance, and custom client notes. Advanced permissions allow staff to perform actions such as booking customers into classes and assigning passes and memberships to customers.

  • Every staff member has access to a personalized site to manage their class roster and availability
  • Advanced permissions allow your staff to operate your business without relying on you
Staff Portal
Zoom integration

11. Livestream Classes

Fully integrated with Zoom for your live stream classes and appointments. Never have to go into Zoom to create meeting links for your classes. StudioGrowth does it all for you.

  • Integrated with Zoom including the ability to add your custom live stream links from other platforms
  • Automatically generates meetings and sends out meeting links to customers and staff

12. Customer Portal

Save time by allowing customers to self-serve. Every customer gets a unique site to manage their bookings, memberships, and payments. Eliminate all admin tasks related to customer management – no more calls from customers asking about their remaining credits.

  • Every customer has access to a site with their class, membership, and billing information
  • Customers can self-serve and manage class bookings, cancellations, and payments
Customer Portal

13. CRM

A central secure place to manage all your members. Store customer information including notes, booking history, purchase history, and billing information. 

  • Customers are automatically added to your database upon registration
  • Lightning fast search
  • Assign passes, book classes, and appointments, and take payments all from the admin section

14. Customer Notes & History

Record notes on customer profiles. Track injuries and make notes visible to all instructors who interact with the student.

  • Maintain customer history and track important information with customer notes
  • Record and highlight  injuries to instructors as and when necessary
Customer Notes
Waitlist Management

15. Waitlist Management

Drive urgency by showing the number of spots available in a class and manage demand with automatic waitlist management.

  • Set the duration of the waitlist
  • Simple and fair first-in first-out system

16. Reservation & Cancellation

Have granular control over your business with policies that can be applied separately to classes and appointments. 

  • Full control of the class booking window
  • Set cancellation policy at the class and appointment level
  • Set reservations policy at the class and appointment level
Reservation & Cancellation policy
Extended Staff Portal

17. Extended Staff Functionality

Give full control to your instructors/staff to fully manage their classes and appointments including assigning passes, and classes and managing class cancellations.

  • Allow instructors/teachers/staff to fully manage the class from marking attendance to canceling the class
  • Staff members can also assign passes and book students into classes and appointments

18. Substitute Management

No more back and forth between instructors and admin to find a substitute for a class. StudioGrowth has a built-in substitute management workflow. Manage substitute requests and assign classes at the click of a button.

  • Request subs in a single click
  • Manage requests and assign classes seamlessly over email
Substitute Management
Booking for friends and family

19. Book Classes for Friends

Give your students the ability to bring friends and family using their own credits.

  • Students can book classes for others using their own credits
  • Full waiver management included even for one-time users

20. Late Cancellation Fees

Advanced policy management with the ability to add late cancellation fees. If students cancel beyond the cancellation deadline you can automatically charge late cancellation fees.

  • Set the late cancel policy and the amount for classes and appointments
  • Automatically charge a late cancellation fee
Late Cancellation Fees
No-show fees

21. No-Show Fees

Automatic no-show fees at individual class and appointment levels. If students reserve a spot but don’t show up to class you can automatically charge no-show fees.

  • Set no-show fees at individual class level
  • Automatically or manually charge no-show fees

22. Discount Codes

Run flash sales and seasonal campaigns with unlimited discounts and promo codes. Limit the usage and validity date. Create discount codes that can be used only by new users. 

  • Unlimited discount and promo codes
  • Assign unique discount names aligned to the offer
  • Limit the usage by customer and date
  • Specify the passes/memberships where the promo code applies
Discount Codes
Gift Cards

23. Gift Cards

Increase revenue with gift cards. Specify the amount or let customers choose a custom amount for purchase. Set expiry dates and redemption policy. The platform keeps track of usage and allows multiple redemptions until the entire amount is consumed. 

  • Specify the amount of allow customers to choose custom amounts
  • Set expiry dates and redemption policy
  • Generate gift cards for walk-in customers
  • Platform reconciles usage until all the amount is redeemed

24. Brand Center

Showcase your brand to your customers. The brand center allows you to customize all your customer and staff-facing pages to match your brand.

  • Unlimited brand customization
  • Use your logo, images, and text
  • The scheduling platform becomes an extension of your brand
Email Notifications

25. Notification Suite

Never worry about notifications, ever. StudioGrowth handles all the customer, support, and instructor notifications for you.

  • Fully brandable and editable email notifications
  • Turn on/off notifications based on your needs
  • Every notification from purchases to class cancellations handled

26. Customer Engagement

Engage with your customers with triggers based on customer actions. For example, set up a trigger to email a customer a discount code when they visit your studio for the 10th time. Multiple engagements trigger built-in

  • Engage your audience with triggers built for specific milestones
  • Combine customer engagement triggers and promo codes 
Customer Engagement
StudioGrowth Integrations

27. Integrations

Out-of-the-box integrations with payment processors, email marketing platforms, and aggregators. 

  • Livestream classes with the Zoom integration
  • Mailchimp, Send in blue, Sendfox, and Constant Contact integration enable email marketing at scale
  • Class Pass integration to fill up your classes
  • Stripe to manage all payment processing

28. Reporting Suite

Out-of-the-box reports keep you informed of every business metric. 20+ reports across sales, most popular classes, instructors, and memberships. Full transaction report.

  • Sales and marketing reports providing high-level KPIs
  • Class and pass usage reports
  • Additional reports added on request
Reporting Suite
StudioGrowth analytics

29. Analytics

Add google analytics of Facebook pixel to monitor customer usage and ad conversions.

  • Google Analytics enabled
  • Add Facebook pixel for custom tracking

30. Website Integration

Fully integrate with various website builders: Squarespace, Wix, WordPress, and others. Embed the schedule directly into your website.

  • Seamlessly integrate with your website
  • Embed StudioGrowth directly onto your website
Embed to website

31. Premium Support

Every customer has access to premium support. To date, the response time to any support request is under 15 minutes. 

  • Premium support for every customer
  • Technical support at lightning speed
  • Customer-suggested feature requests are fast-tracked