Get Your Yoga Studio On Google Maps | Step by Step Guide

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Get Your Yoga Studio On Google Maps | Step by Step Guide

Getting your yoga Studio on Google maps is a crucial step in marketing your yoga business. By listing your yoga studio on Google and optimizing your listing, new customers will find you easily from Google search. 

So, how do you get your yoga studio on Google maps? To get your yoga studio on Google maps and be shown at the top of the map results follow these simple steps:

  • Create a Google account for your business on Gmail
  • Using the business email, create a Google My Business page
  • Verify your listing
  • Optimize your listing to rank high 

In this article, I will show the exact steps you can take to get a constant stream of new customers from Google. My wellness business receives more customers than we can handle from our single listing on Google maps. Read this article till the end, and I will show you how you can achieve similar results. 

Showing what Google maps listing looks like
This is what a Google maps listing looks like for the search query “Yoga Studio London”

Why Create A Google Maps Listing

As a yoga studio owner who is working hard to get new customers, you must have heard countless times that you should have a google maps listing. You have a vague idea that if you register on Google maps, you will get some new customers

So, how many new customers can you get from your Google maps listing? Well, let me show you. My data will make you understand the possibilities and force you to list today and optimize your Google maps listing

The data below is for one month for my wellness business and studio in London. 

Google My business Results for 1 month
Results for 1 Month From My Business Listing On Google maps

As you can see from the information above, my Google maps business listing is driving more new customers to my business than I can handle. In 1 month, our company was exposed to over 50,000 people, thereby driving brand recognition. Out of those who saw our listing, over 1000 people visited our website, and over 100 people called us. That is almost four calls from new customers every day. The results above show you why you need to list your yoga studio on Google maps today.

Create A Google Account For Your Business On Gmail

The first step is for you to have a Google account on Gmail. Even if you have a personal Gmail account, I recommend you create a Gmail account for your business. In case, you are already using G-suite for email, then you can use your yoga studio email account. 

To begin, head to,  and create an email account for your yoga studio. Follow these simple steps and a Google account for your business will be created. I created an account for “Harry’s Yoga” to walk you through the steps.

Creating Google account for Yoga studio - step 1
STEP 1: Choose Your Email ID For Your Yoga Studio

Once you have selected the email ID for your business and entered basic information, you can click next and agree to the privacy terms and conditions.

Privacy information before Google account creation
STEP 2: Agree To The Privacy And Terms Of Service

Once you agree to the terms of service, your Google account for your yoga studio will be created and you are now ready to create the listing for your yoga Studio on Google maps.

Google account created for yoga studio
STEP 3: Your Business Google Account Has Been Created

Create Google My Business Page For Your Yoga Studio

Listing your yoga studio on Google My Business will help your yoga studio to be found in three locations:

  • Map results [marked in blue below)
  • The 3-pack results [marked in red below]
  • Organic search results [marked in green below]
How Google listings look
Google Listing Showing Map Results, The 3-Pack Map Result And Organic Result

To create your Google My Business listing for your yoga studio, head to, and sign in with the Gmail account credentials created in the previous step. Once you sign in with your account, you will be able to search for your yoga studio as shown in the image below. Sometimes, your yoga studio may already have been listed and you just need to claim the listing.

Google my business first screen to search for local business
You Can Search For Your Yoga Studio When You first Log Into Google My Business

In case you find that your yoga studio has not been listed, you can now create a new listing. Click on “Create a business with this name” and you will be able to start creating a listing for your yoga studio.

Creating a new business listing in Google My business
Create A New Listing For Your Yoga Studio

Once you start creating a new listing, google will guide you with a list of questions. I have listed the questions below and the responses you should provide. Follow the instructions as it’s critical to get your business category right.

Google My Business Questions Your Responses
What is the name of your Business? Enter the name of your yoga studio or the name your yoga studio is most commonly known as, for example, “Harry’s Yoga”
Do you want to add a location customers can visit, like a store or office? Select “Yes” as your response. This tells Google that you have a physical location and are not just an online business
What is the address? Enter the address of your yoga studio
Is this your business? Once you enter the address, Google will show you a list of businesses it thinks could be yours. If you see your yoga studio already listed, you can claim it. If you don’t see your yoga studio listed, select “none of these
Do you also serve customers outside this location? If your client base is very local to your address, then select No. However, if your members and clients come to you from far and wide then you could select “Yes“. If you also visit your clients at their homes then you can select yes. I have tested both the “Yes” and “No” option and I saw that when this option is set to “No” it significantly reduces traffic.
Add the areas you service Here, choose the areas you expect to find your clients. You can select the entire city if you so wish. In my case, we service the entire city of London, so we select London. If you service only a small postcode or borough, then select only that location
Choose the category that fits your business best Please choose “yoga studio” from the dropdown
What contact details do you want to show customers In this section, you can enter your website. in case you don’t have a website, Google gives you the option to get a free website created from the information in your Google My Business listing. Alternately, you can simply provide a link to your online class schedule where customers can buy class packs and book classes.
Would you like to receive communication from google? You can select “Yes” as Google often sends updates about new features that are added
Finish and manage your listing Click “Finish”, You will now be taken to a page to verify your business listing

After you have answered all these questions and agreed to receive the verification code by post, your Google My Business listing will be created. However, until you verify the code your business will be listed as “Pending verification”

Google My Business Listing Created for Yoga Studio
Google My Business Listing Created For Yoga Studio

Verify Your Google My Business Listing

One final step before your yoga studio is listed on Google maps and a business listing is created, is for you to verify your listing. Google will give you the option to receive a code by post. It roughly takes 3-4 weeks for the postcard to reach you. Once you receive the code via post you can go to and enter the code that you have received. Once you do this your yoga studio will begin to show on google maps, the 3-pack map result and also organic google results.

Google my business listing verification by post
Google Will Send A Verification Code By Post
Once The Code Is Received, You Can verify It Online

Optimize Your Google My Business Listing To Rank High

Now your business has been listed on Google and is in a position to show up on Google maps for search queries. However, you will need to optimize every element of your listing to have it rank high.

Begin by first adding basic information such as opening and closing times. Take clear and enticing photos inside and outside your yoga studio. Also, take photos of the classes while in session. Try to tell a story about your yoga studio with these photos. Upload the photos to your Google My Business page.

The single most important thing you can do to have your yoga studio rank high on Google maps listings is to get real, authentic reviews from your members. I have written a detailed article that shows you step by step how you can start collecting and publishing consistent five-star reviews.

Once you have entered the basic information, make sure to update your listing regularly. If you receive reviews from members, make sure to respond to the reviews publicly. Keep your opening and closing times updated during holidays and festivals. Update your photos regularly. If you follow these steps, in a very short time period you will see a significant increase in the number of customers from Google and more brand recognition.

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