StudioGrowth is the #1 Chosen Glofox Alternative

Trusted & Reliable
Highest rated for ease-of-use
Studio-Owner friendly pricing
Full data migration from Glofox


We had struggled getting members with unlimited memberships to sign up for class and with the transition to StudioGrowth from Glofox we have seen engagement increases significantly

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Glofox Alternative

"I use Glofox and would like to switch to something with better support & price.."

Here is why several studios have migrated to StudioGrowth from Glofox

Simplicity & Ease of Use

Although Glofox provides an app for your customers and studio owners, the common complaint we hear is the difficulty in using the app and the platform. Additionally, Glofox does not offer basic features such as customizable discount/promo codes and substitution management which is crucial if you have instructors.

StudioGrowth is built using modern design principles and is easy to use. It has all the crucial features you need to build and grow your business.

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Studio-Owner Friendly Pricing

The #1 reason studio owners search for a Glofox alternative is the Glofox pricing. Many studio owners have no choice but to go along with regular price increases.

StudioGrowth offers one fixed price for life and no price increase guarantee! There are no hidden fees and zero percent processing fees which is unheard of in the industry (only Stripe processing fees apply). You also get unlimited usage, unlimited customers, and unlimited staff accounts.

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World-Class Support

The biggest complaint I hear from Glofox users is the lack of support provided after the sale is made. How does it feel to be on the phone with someone who does not know the product or your challenges and your problem is not resolved immediately?

The biggest strength of StudioGrowth is our customer support and success. You are dealing directly with the founding team and every member who offers support knows the product inside out. Our support members are also aware of typical challenges faced by studio owners and the support experience is second to none.

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StudioGrowth Is As Reliable and Secure as Glofox

The primary reason for choosing Glofox is the reliability and security offered by the platform. StudioGrowth is an equally reliable platform and your data and business is secure with us.

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Cloud Hosted

We use industry-leading cloud providers to host and serve your data.

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Uptime Guarantee

Robust uptime guarantee. We know our platform is business-critical and we ensure maximum uptime

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Secure Data Migration

All your customer billing data is migrated securely with support from our payment processor.

StudioGrowth is the Highest Rated Software

Join hundreds of studio owners using StudioGrowth globally.

A solid alternative to high-priced software

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Pilates Sanctuary

Very easy to set up and user-friendly software

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Explore Yoga

Best team to work with. Phenomenal service

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Valhalla Fit
Glofox Alternatives

Frequently Asked Questions

Migrating from Glofox is a big decision. We are here to guide you every step of the way.

We handle the data migration for you and bring in all your customer data and outstanding packages and memberships. We ensure the transition is seamless for your members and there is no disruption to their memberships nor do they need to sign up again to StudioGrowth.
There are no contracts and we have a simple pricing structure. You can see our pricing here
We don't have any hidden fees and only charge a flat monthly/yearly fee. Our payment processors are Stripe and GoCardless. You can see their processing fees for your region on their website.
Glofox offers various tiers of pricing and costs $200/month for the most essential features. Glofox charges an additional $200/month for a branded app. In total, you will be paying over $400/month for Glofox. In comparison we offer all the same features for $99/month
Book a demo with me and we will discuss your specific scenario.

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