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StudioGrowth creates technology to start, manage and operate a thriving business offering group classes offline and online. We are a technology company that helps entrepreneurs (anyone offering group classes and services) succeed. Our flagship solution, "StudioGrowth", is designed for the boutique studio industry (yoga studios, fitness studios, dance studios, etc.).

From The Founder - Our Story

StudioGrowth was built specifically for entrepreneurs offering group sessions. It was built to help you go from an idea to a fully operational business in record time.

Back in 2015, I had spent several years after my MBA working for early-stage venture-backed technology start-ups in London. I had seen what it takes to build an idea into a thriving business, impacting millions of lives. During this time I became fascinated with the marketplace business model (Airbnb, Uber, etc.) and over the course of a week, I established a wellness market place in London, to learn more about marketplaces. The business took off and I set-up a local wellness studio in London which still operates to this day.

The single biggest factor that helped me go from an idea to an operating business over the course of a week was having a plug-and-play online booking system. I was able to set-up a webpage and started taking bookings and managing customers and staff all through the booking system I was using.

Today, we have the technology to enable most people to participate in the online economy. However, as my wellness studio grew, I found that the booking system I was using did not serve the needs of a studio business, was complex, bloated with features I did not need and very expensive. This led me to assemble a team and continue building the features that I needed specifically for my studio. Today, that team is spread across the globe and continues to work on StudioGrowth.

StudioGrowth is the final version of the software that was built specifically for my wellness business. Years ago I had the opportunity to build a business, impacting my local community, only because I had access to a plug-and-play software to run my business. Today, if you are a fitness entrepreneur or offer group classes of any kind, you can use StudioGrowth to start your business and sell your services immediately. StudioGrowth was built to help you go from an idea to a fully operational business in record time.

Naz Ahm (Founder, StudioGrowth)

What We Do

"We help boutique studio entrepreneurs have a positive impact in their communities by creating thriving fitness & wellness businesses"

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