How Many Treadmills Are In A Gym? [Cost & Accessories]

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How Many Treadmills Are In A Gym? [Cost & Accessories]

If you are an aspiring fitness studio owner, benchmarking your fitness studio to similar-sized gyms is the initial way to identify the equipment needed for your facility. Similarly, if you’re opening a gym, you need to make sure you buy the proper number of treadmills to ensure optimal utilization. 

So, how many treadmills are in a gym? The number of treadmills in a gym depends on the size of the gym. Small gyms typically have 2-3 treadmills, while large gyms can have between 10-50 treadmills lined up against each other. 

In this article, I will provide all the information you need to have your fitness studio or gym equipped with treadmills. I will cover the following treadmill-related topics: 

  • How many treadmills you need
  • How much you should pay per treadmill
  • Features to look for when purchasing treadmills for your gym
  • Accessories to enhance the functionality of your treadmills

How Many Treadmills Should Be in a Gym?

Treadmills in a gym

The International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) states that gyms should have at least 1/3 of their total equipment allocated for cardio. 

While you can also purchase ellipticalsstair machines, and other cardio machines to fulfill this requirement, treadmills should make up the majority of your cardio machine quota. 

Because many gym members use a treadmill at least once per visit, you’ll need a lot of them to keep up with the demand. So if your gym or fitness studio becomes popular, you’ll need to invest a substantial amount of money in expanding the treadmill section. 

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Treadmills Price Vs. Quality: What to Expect

The quality of treadmills varies significantly at different price ranges. Here’s what you can expect from treadmills in the $0-500 range, $500-1,500 range, and $3,000+ range. 

Treadmills Under $500

Treadmills under $500 are suitable only for home use. These are typically low-end treadmills, and you’ll never find them in a professional gym setting. 

These “discount” treadmills are suitable for the occasional jog when you can’t jog outside due to the rain. Still, you don’t want to rely on them if you’re an athlete or body-building professional. Many of them have sub-par plastic and wobbly frames which shake if you put more pressure on them. Moreover, the average warranty lasts 3-6 months, and they’re prone to breaking. 

Proceed with caution if you opt for a low-end treadmill.

Treadmills Under $1,500

The best treadmills for home use will usually cost $1,000 to $2,000; however, it’s possible to obtain some of them at a discount and save a few hundred dollars. 

These treadmills are more powerful and durable compared to the $500 treadmills, and they’re also more comfortable during prolonged use. The power inclines tend to be steeper, and the touch-screen systems contain advanced workout gadgets.

Higher-end treadmills also have electronics that allow you to program heart-rate controlled programs and adjust the track based on your heart rate. 

Because of these advantages, $1,000 is the bare minimum you should spend if you take your workouts seriously.

Treadmills Under $3000

The most popular treadmills for professionals at home cost $2,000 to $3,000 treadmills. These boast top-notch electronics, cutting edge performance, and the comfort of commercial treadmills. 

Treadmills in this price range are ideal for professional runners who tend to spend half the day exercising. You’ll need a treadmill that doesn’t fall apart after a few months of extensive use, and treadmills in this price range can take a beating.

The visual difference between a $3,000 treadmill and a $1,500 treadmill is minimal, and the electronics features are similar, too. However, with prolonged use, $3,000treadmills tend to endure longer. 

Furthermore, treadmills in the $3000 range don’t require much maintenance, while you’ll have to wax the belt every few months on less expensive ones. 

Treadmills $3000 And Up

The premium category of treadmills starting at $3000 and reaching prices as high as $10,000 is best in class. These are the treadmills you’ll find in the best gyms. This category includes “trainer” treadmills, which are excellent for fat loss, and high-speed treadmills designed for marathon runners.

Treadmills in this price range carry commercial warranties even if they’re for home use, as most manufacturers assume you will use the machines for commercial purposes. 

What are the benefits of treadmills in this price range? Here are a few of the most prominent benefits:

  • The maximum speeds are the highest.
  • The treadmills come with self-powered mode [made famous by Barry’s Bootcamp]
  • The shock absorption is the best-in-class.
  • There is little to no maintenance required.
  • The warranties are excellent.

Note: The capabilities of different treadmills can vary even if they’re in the same price range. It’s possible to find exceptional treadmills for under $1,500, and you should look at the individual reviews of each treadmill before you make a purchase.

Should I Buy or Lease Treadmills?

You have two options as a gym owner: buy your treadmills, or lease them from another company. 

If you choose to buy, you’ll have to pay for the treadmills out of pocket. At an average cost of $5,000 per commercial treadmill, purchasing a mere ten treadmills could run up to $50,000 in costs. 

Because of this high cost of ownership, leasing is an excellent option. It can save you a lot of money upfront, and you can always finance your lease using your gym’s profits. However, if you fail to make a profit, you will still be bound to the terms of the contract. 

Here are the top benefits of leasing treadmills:

  • New Equipment. The world’s best treadmills are available for lease, and these can attract the best body-builders and athletes in your city. This caliber of clients expects the best equipment, and leasing allows you to get the newest and best equipment without coughing up tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Monthly Payments. If you lease, the payments can be made over a few years in monthly installations.
  • Lease-To-Own. Once you pay your lease in full, the company might allow you to buy the equipment for under $100 per treadmill. 

What Features Should I Look For in a Treadmill?

Track Size

A longer track length is imperative to sprinters and tall runners who make longer strides. 

If you’re opening a professional gym, you need treadmills with an extensive track length to accommodate athletes and sizeable patrons. 

However, if you’re buying a treadmill for your home, you can get away with an average length. 

The average track length is 55″ for walking treadmills and 60″ for running treadmills. Commercial treadmills tend to have longer tracks, some up to 63″.

Track width is equally essential, as you need to accommodate trainees of all sizes. The standard width for modern treadmills is 20″. However, getting a few inches more wouldn’t hurt, and commercial treadmills might have up to 25″.

Treadmill Capacity & Weight Support

The weight support of treadmills ranges between 200-400 lbs.

Commercial treadmills can withstand weights of 500 lbs+ [200 kg+], but they cost more. As a rule of thumb, invest in a treadmill with a capacity that exceeds your current weight by 100-200 lbs. If you weigh 200 lbs, the ideal treadmill for you is a treadmill with a 300 lb+ capacity. 

Commercial treadmills tend to cost more because they offer higher capacity, which makes them more usable for the general population.

Treadmill Accessories: What to Buy

You can upgrade your treadmill with accessories that improve the technology or comfort level. Accessories such as treadmill mats, maintenance equipment, and workout accessories can give trainees a serendipitous feeling during their workouts.

Accessories can cost as little as $100 and drastically enhance the benefits you’re getting from your treadmill. They should be available from the manufacturer, or you can purchase them separately on websites such as Amazon. 

Here are the best accessories for your treadmill:

Ground Mats

Treadmill mats absorb the vibrations of a treadmill. However, treadmills also release a lot of energy into the floor area. If you place your treadmill on a carpet or a wooden floor, it could destroy the wood or fabric. This fact is especially true for cheap treadmills that vibrate a lot. 

If you place the treadmill over a ground mat, you’ll protect your floor and make maintenance a breeze.


If the treadmill didn’t come with a collection of maintenance brushes, you’d have to purchase them separately to clean the treadmill. Look up treadmill brushes specific to your manufacturer and buy any cleaning solutions they recommend. Maintenance work every 2-3 months is optimal and will increase the longevity of your treadmill.

TV Screens

If your treadmill didn’t come with a screen, you could purchase one separately and attach it to your device. Depending on the size of your treadmill, you could even connect a full-sized TV.

Workout Accessories

There are also some small but useful accessories you could purchase, such as water-bottle holders, cushioning, and workouts fans that attach to the treadmill.

Now you are all set to equip your gym or fitness studio with the right treadmills for your facility! 

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