What Color To Paint A Yoga Studio

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What Color To Paint A Yoga Studio

Creating a tranquil color scheme for your Yoga studio is of paramount importance if you wish to give your yoga studio members a memorable experience. Yoga is not just a simple form of exercise but is a meditative practice to improve the flexibility of both body and mind. Finding the right color to paint your Yoga studio is a crucial task for a Yoga studio owner.  

So, what color should you paint a yoga studio? The most popular colors used across Yoga studios are “shades of purple” and “lighter tones of pink.” As a rule of thumb, it is best to avoid colors that enhance physical senses or cause anxiety. Red, for instance, is one such color that should not be the primary color for a yoga studio.

Most Popular Colors To Paint A Yoga Studio
The Most Popular Colors To Paint A Yoga Studio

We polled 100 yoga studios to identify the most popular color choices. The graph above shows the results of the poll.

In this article, I will discuss the different color options for your Yoga studio and the effect the choice of colors can have on your members. I will guide you through creating a space that inspires and brings calm and inspiration. 

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Yoga Studio Color: The Link Between Yoga, Chakras & Color

As mentioned, the most popular colors to paint a Yoga studio are shades of purple and lighter tones of pink. Implementing the right color scheme for your Yoga studio is crucial. However, it must be augmented with the proper lighting to create an immersive experience. 

Before choosing the right color to paint your Yoga studio, there are a few critical questions you must consider:

  • How big is your yoga studio? There will always be different ideal colors for rooms of varying sizes
  • Is it one big room or multiple rooms? Do you want just one color scheme for all your yoga rooms, or are you happy to have different colors in each room?

Colors & Lighting

It would be ideal to be able to practice Yoga under the crisp morning sunshine, but this may not be possible depending on where you live. Colour and lighting impact our lives daily without us realizing it. 

We generally tend to equate bright sunshine with a good day and prefer a warm white light inside our homes to get a relaxing and cozy effect.

On dark and gloomy days, or quite merely inside an indoor yoga studio, the right color and lighting will help to keep your members in a calm and peaceful state of mind.


Chakras is an ancient Sanskrit term that translates to the different concentrated energy centers within our bodies. There are seven major chakras in our bodies that also correspond to different colors, and all of them help to bring balance to our body and mind.

Painting Your Yoga Studio Shades of Light Purple and Violets 

A yoga studio wall painted in hues of purple or violet can help restore the unity between the creative, physical, emotional, inspirational, and intellectual realities and also contribute to an air of compassion in the environment. Additionally it: 

  • Restores spiritual values
  • Deepens insight into activities
  • Overcomes feelings of anxiety
  • Integrate mind, body, and spirit

When painted with hues of purple or violet, a yoga studio, evokes within your members the feeling of ‘I let myself to heal and be healed.’

From the Dulux color palette, we can recommend:

  • Gentle Lavender
  • Sugared Lilac
  • Purple Pout

Painting Your Yoga Studio Lighter Pink Tones

A lighter and innocent pink tone can help restore the realities of inner peace and the sacred space. A lighter shade of pink can help transform irritation and frustration into a healing energy. 

The spiritual healing energy helps resolve envy, depression, anger, and grief. It also helps overcome the fear of death. It can help with:

  • Dealing with worry, sadness, and irritability.
  • Overcoming negative thought patterns
  • Soothing, calming and uplifting oneself

When this color is used to paint a yoga studio, the general affirmation that these shades bring for a client is the feeling of ‘I let myself seen as pure and good.’

From the Dulux color palette, we can recommend:

  • Blush Pink
  • Sweet Pink
  • Fuchsia Lily

Painting Your Yoga Studio Easy Greens

An easy-going or a lighter shade of green can help to bring a sense of ‘the present’ to the environment. It helps harmonize the masculine and feminine character traits of a person. It also clears up the future from the obstacles and the limitations of the past. Green can also help to:

  • Create a lucid and honest situation
  • Find peace and harmony
  • Lessen anxiety

When these colors are used to paint a yoga studio, the general affirmation that these shades bring for a client is the feeling of ‘validity and righteousness of emotions.’

From the Dulux color palette, we can recommend:

  • Enchanted Eden
  • Nordic Spa
  • Wellbeing

Painting Your Yoga Studio Hues of Orange

Light and fresh orange tones can help find happiness and creative solutions to problems. They can also help overcome inhibitions and self-doubt.

Orange can also help with:

  • Overcoming depression
  • Reducing anxiety and improving low self-esteem
  • Creating an air of vibrancy and positivity

It brings forth a feeling of personal space and oneness with life when used as the color theme for a yoga studio.

From the Dulux color palette, we can recommend:

  • Soft Peach
  • Apricot Crush
  • Tuscan Terracotta

Painting Your Yoga Studio Shades Of The Blues

Blue accents have inspirational qualities that help transform one’s functioning at home or work. Blue’s transformative energy helps overcome insomnia and stress and contributes to better communication and prayer. Blue also helps with:

  • Reducing the feeling of impatience
  • Getting more peaceful and restful sleep

It brings forth a sense of assertiveness and freedom of expression when used as the color theme for a yoga studio.

From the Dulux color palette, we can recommend:

  • Blissful Blue
  • First Dawn
  • Mineral Mist

Fresh Yellows Painted In Your Yoga Studio

A bright yellow color for a yoga studio brings a profound element of free will. A joyous and radiant glow, it exudes vitality, warmth, and inspiration. Yellow also signifies sunlight and spirituality. A light-reflective yellow shade can help with the creation of:

  • A cheerful and friendly space
  • Increased mental activity, energy, and awareness.

Yellow can help bring a feeling of ease, grace, and power when used on the walls of a yoga studio.

From the Dulux color palette, we can recommend:

  • Lemon Spirit
  • Lemon Pie
  • Sunny Day

The Infinite Whites For Your Yoga Studio

The color white corresponds to the ‘crown chakra,’ which is considered the final step of ascension meditation. An appropriate shade of white can be associated with oneness and unconditional love.

However, using the wrong shade of white can result in a sub-optimal experience for a member. What should be a beautiful auric color can be perceived as a dull grey for a member who is not in the right frame of mind.

A soft white can reflect light around the room and can result in a beautiful and serene space. If you are not bold enough to try the colors mentioned above, we can recommend from the Dulux color palette:

  • Timeless
  • Magnolia
  • Ivory
  • The ‘Dulux Space and Light’ range which has excellent qualities to brighten up a darker yoga studio space

Color For Your Yoga Studio Rooms And Ceilings

For a yoga studio owner, the overarching recommendation given is to create a space that can bring calm, comfort, and inspiration to the practitioners

It is entirely possible to create a vivid (and mixed color) space with the various shades of yoga mats that will be brought by the members as well. To supplement the wall color of the yoga studio, relevant wall décor, mirrors, and tall vases can help to complete the look.

One last point to note is that there is a decision to be made regarding painting the ceilings relative to the walls. If your ceiling is a lighter color compared to your walls, then the eyes will be drawn upwards, and it makes the room appear larger.

However, if your yoga studio ceilings are high, you may want to go for a darker hue to make the room feel cozier.

If your yoga studio has odd angles and you would like to hide them, then painting the ceiling and walls in the same color would be a good idea. Also, you can use AI technology and color grading software to check the outcome before committing to a color.

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